3 Tips To Use Your Office Space as a Video Studio

3 Tips To Use Your Office Space as a Video Studio

Use Your Office Space As a Video Studio?

You are probably thinking this post has nothing to do with you, right?


For one, you are starting out and trying to make ends meet, how can you possibly be thinking of hiring some fancy designer to style your office…come on! Are you kidding me?


Besides, you have been told again and again that you need to be focusing on creating content to start building a following: “valuable content”; “share-worthy content”. You have enough with that, no time to fuss about making your office pretty, that’s not for you.


Or the situation might be you are a serious entrepreneur, creating a serious business, that will sustain itself on your ability to create great funnels and marketing strategies, who said you need a nice looking hub for that?


No matter which of the situations above you can relate to, let me tell you:


You certainly should be paying attention to your office space…

And you learn how to use your office space as a video studio.




I am glad you asked.


I guess if you are an entrepreneur you find these things vital to run a healthy and productive business:


  • You like tools that are simple yet effective.
  • You like tools that are cost effective.
  • You rely on tools that enable for more than one use.
  • You need to be productive in your business – we are all about working smart, right?
  • You need a goal tracker to turn those dreams into a reality.
  • You need a supportive space where you can actually get work done.
  • You need a place where you can use your computer.
  • You need a place where you can meet clients (Starbucks can get noisy at times!)
  • You need to show up in calls, but where can you do those when your office is in the garage?
  • You want to create professional looking videos.
  • Social media posts and graphics are a nightmare and everyone is using the same royalty free photos everywhere!


And that list doesn’t even cover it all!


Now, I want to help you here, I will let you into a little secret that will save you “lots-a-money”.


What if I told you, you could have all of the list above sorted by just making a few tweaks to your office space?


Don’t believe me? Try and see.

  • First, you need to get clear on your business colours. If you already have that clear, you can move onto the next step.
  • Find two or three objects in your business colours. You probably chose brand colours you love so it should be quite easy to find things in those same colours around your home or office. Objects could be as simple as books, candles, pictures or anything related to your field of expertise.
  • Place those objects in your office space : on your desk, on a shelf, on a wall , depending on what you use as a backdrop in your videos.

How can these objects hep you in your videos?

  1. Every time you do a livestream, or record a video make sure your viewers can see those objects (or at least one) in the background.
  2. Style them nicely and place them behind you or next to you, depending on your studio set up.
  3. Use those objects as a conversation starter with your audience. Tell them why you chose those colours, why you have those objects, create interest around them. That will translate into a true interest in you and your story.

Try these simple tips, you will be surprised at how easy it is to use your office space as a video studio.

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