Please read carefully, especially: 


6a) Cancellation to the Membership is subject to at least 5 days written notice should you wish to terminate your access to the members’ areas.  Access to the MA’s will be terminated by us only after the monthly or annual anniversary for that recurring payment date has passed.  No refunds will be given for any prior fees that have already been paid. Also, no refunds will be given for yearly membership already paid.



The following terms are used throughout this agreement:


Throughout the context of this agreement, you are referred to as a Member who is paying for their rights to access the Peri10k Members areas brought to you by Collaborate Forward Consulting Ltd (CFC)


For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “us” is referred to us as CFC, the company behind Peri10k and the ShareAThon™.


Is the brand name and the creation of the community brought to you by CFC.


Is one of our registered Brand Names bought to you by CFC as part of your Membership with us. It is a free masterclass online.  ShareAThon™ is the speaking platform, where Members of #peri10k get together and share their knowledge on a particular topic.


Information and/or literature which from a media context is directed towards an end user and/or audience.  This includes Trademarks, Copyrights and Shared Membership Area Content too.


Is an abbreviated Term for Membership Areas.

  1. Purpose and Disclaimer

By accessing the MA’s, you agree to observe the Code of Conduct which is set out within this website, and the MA’s, which is purely for the preservation of its members.

This website and the MA’s is brought to you by CFC which grants you exclusive rights only to Paid/Paying Members of this online community, which obliges you access to its portfolio of Trademarks, Copyrights, Design Rights, Shared Content Rights, Confidential Information, Shared Member Rights, and or any other Shared Platform Access.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

3a) By entering the MA’s, you agree that all the content that is brought to you by us is solely for your own discretionary rights, and that without our written consent off, you do not have any rights to modify/download/transfer/distribute/re-produce any off the materials that are placed by us in the MA’s.


3b) the views of our Shareathon Speakers or users of #peri10k does not reflect our views and opinions.

3c) By accessing #peri10k it does not mean you have an automatic right and/or access to ShareAThon™ either.

3d) In addition to clause 3b), suggestions and advice provided by our ShareAThon™ speakers should not be relied upon, without seeking further professional advice on the topics placed by the guest speakers, and/or other members. From time to time we would be reliant on content and promotional material provided to us by third parties and therefore unable to check its accuracy and completeness.

3e) In addition to Clauses 3b) and 3d), the content provided by these third parties is on an “AS IS” basis and without limitation we cannot provide any warranties (implied or expressed). As permitted by the law we hereby exclude from any infringements arising from any statements made in the content that is shared by us, in respect of liabilities, costs, damages, claims, losses and expenses, including but not withstanding any content which may give rise to unlawful and derogatory statements or information shared amongst our members.

3f) We reserve the right to remove any content that is likely to offend our members, as soon as we are made aware off it.

  1. Access, Services and Term.

4a) Access to the MA’s is made through an Application Process, which is governed and monitored by us, and/or through introduction to it by one of its members.  There is no guarantee that your Application will be accepted, if you do not meet the criteria.  

4b) Access to the MA’s will convene from the time that your application to with us has been accepted and you have made your initial deposit, via Paypal.

4c) In addition to Clause 4b), Payments and access to the MA’s will continue on a recurring monthly basis on a set date, to be agreed between either party, via Paypal only.


  1. Payment

5a) Unless it has been agreed in writing beforehand, all monthly fees need to be discharged immediately, via Paypal between you and us on your agreed payment date, as set out under Clause 4b) and 4c).

5b) In any event that you are unable to clear your payment to us with immediate effect, we reserve the right to suspend your Access Rights to all MA’s until you have cleared any outstanding or pending Fees that are due under your MA with us.

5c) In addition to Clause 5b), you agree to keep us indemnified for not only any outstanding fees, but for any additional interest, judicial and/or extra judicial costs that may occur as a result of any late payment.


  1. Termination

6a) Cancellation to the Membership is subject to at least 5 days written notice should you wish to terminate your access to the members’ areas.  Access to the MA’s will be terminated by us only after the monthly or annual anniversary for that recurring payment date has passed.  No refunds will be given for any prior fees that have already been paid. Also, no refunds will be given for yearly membership already paid.

6b)  Access to the MA’s will be terminated, without prejudice at the date of termination, if there is a material breach of any of these terms and conditions (save as to where any of the breaches have been remedied)

6c) Members cannot receive partial or full refund of their membership in the event that they cancel, or do not attend and/or their membership is terminated.

6d) In addition to Clause 3e) The MA’s operates on a strict Code of Conduct that all members are expected to follow.  In the interest of other members, it is expected under the MA’s, that all fellow members are expected to respect the views of others, and if any Member is seen to express any statement, which is deemed as derogatory, then these Members will face an automatic life ban from the MA’s.

  1. Liability

7a) Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit the other party to:

7a) i). the exclusion from death and/or personal injury that is applicable under the full extent of the law. This extends to the other party’s employees, agents and subcontractors.

7a) ii) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

  1. Indemnity

In any event that you are found to be negligible of any of the terms and conditions, then you agree to keep us indemnified of all losses, expenses, damages, claims and costs incurred by us in respect of any misleading statements and/or acts and/or omissions that may be carried out by you against us and our affiliates.

  1. Bribery

In addition to Clause 3e) and in the interests of the MA’s, all members are expected to:

9a) comply with all rules and regulations, with or without limitation wherever applicable to the Bribery Act 2010, and in accordance to any other international laws which relate to Anti-Bribery regulations.

9b) comply with our anti-bribery processes that we may tell you about from time to time.

9c) identify and advise us off any undue financial advantage or any other request that you may have received promptly to us.

9d) Failure to notify us in a timely manner will result in your being in breach of a material breach of your terms and conditions, resulting in immediate termination of your membership with us.

  1. General

10a) Third parties who does not have a signed or confirmed agreement, will not be classified as a party to them are eligible to be reliant on these terms as caught under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

10b) The Terms and Conditions of this website shall constitute the entire agreement between you and us and shall supersede all prior engagements, written or oral, relating to the subject matter (save as to where there will not be any limits to the other party in the event of any fraudulent activity).

10c) Any of these terms that may come into dispute, shall be interpreted under context of English Law.

10d) In addition to Clause 10c), we may choose to use the Courts of England and Wales to govern any disputes that may arise, however dependent on the domicile of a Member of a particular country, reserve the right to bring proceedings in the residence of that country.

10e) If for any reason any of the clauses contained within this agreement is deemed to be invalid in the eyes of a Court in a particular jurisdiction, then we reserve the right to rely on the enforceability of all remaining terms under this agreement.

10f) None of these Terms can be relied on to give way to either a Partnership or Agency Term in this context of access to the MA’s between any off the Members.

10g) As set out in these Terms, you agree to not re-sell, transfer, distribute or dispose of any of your rights and obligations that might bring us into disrepute and you agree to keep us indemnified at all times, if you are found to be in breach off any of these terms.

10h) We encourage all of our members to participate within each session in a timely manner, to receive the best benefits as it sees fit, with or without limitation, CFC Ltd accepts no responsibility for indirect or consequential loss due to you for loss off: profits; goodwill or lost business as a consequence off its membership to this community.

10i) As this community continues to grow, from time to time we reserve the right to alter, amend or vary our terms and conditions that are set out as part of your Agreement with us. By using our website, and all affiliated MA’s you are automatically bound by these Terms and that the onus is on you to keep abreast of any variations that we carry out, without further notice to you.

  1. Other

11a) In the event that a dispute arises, in the first instance, please make your complaint in writing to: 

Collaborate Forward Consulting

71-75 Shelton Street,
Covent Garden, London