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How Stefanie developed her quirky brand through Peri10k

The most creative experience I have ever been a part of is definitely my involvement with

Peri10k is a group of live streamers and change-makers who want to make the world a better place through education and collaboration.

We host ShareAThons twice a day. The ShareAThon is similar to short TED talks where our community members have 10 minutes to speak on a themed topic that is meant to uplift and inspire our viewers in their personal and professional development. We broadcast on the and Facebook Live Platforms. We are a paid membership community that only accepts members  through applications. Our membership is a diverse group of life coaches, healers, entrepreneurs, artists and more.


As a founding member, I was blessed with the opportunity to play an instrumental role in the growth and evolution of our live streaming mastermind community. One year later, we have 100+ members and I am one of the 14 ShareAThon Leaders. I have grown so much as an artist, a speaker, a team member and a leader.

 Stefanie Rennert PEri10k

 Stefanie Rennert PEri10k

Never before have I experienced such a supportive and collaborative community. I always knew I was creative and quirky, but it wasn’t until I found Peri10k that I was able to experiment within such a caring and encouraging environment. As of today, I have streamed 450+ broadcasts and have led 90+ ShareAThons with Peri10k. As a result, I have improved my speaking skills, my improvisation skills, my communication skills and my problem solving skills.


As a Peri10K broadcaster I have enjoyed the opportunity to develop and hone my unique brand of visual storytelling and infotainment. I flex my “creative muscles” by breaking into spontaneous songs, reading playful poetry, and improvising off our live audience. I enjoy making an impact on our worldwide viewers. Providing them with daily inspiration and a bolt of infectious and positive energy is deeply fulfilling as it gives me a chance to express, connect and inspire.


As a Peri10k community member, I’ve grown by taking on a leadership role during our ShareAThons. Leaders are responsible for confirming the show participants, scheduling the line up order, leading pre-promotion efforts and keeping our show running smoothly and within the hour-long time frame. Troubleshooting last minute speaker conflicts and coming up with creative solutions for Wi-Fi connectivity issues are also key responsibilities for leaders, as the show must go on! I love promoting, supporting and cheering on our members during their broadcasts.


Working with the leadership team to strengthen and improve our membership experience has been super rewarding. We have an active private Facebook group, meet for virtual creative brainstorming meetings and share feedback with each other on a regular basis. I have learned so much about myself from and with this close-knit, family-like community.


I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the supportive Peri10k membership community. Being able to use my creativity to share information and resources that can make a positive contribution to the world, while connecting with likeminded people, is really a dream come true! Peri10k has helped me to get to know myself better so that I could better understand my capabilities. I now understand how to play to my strengths and can confirm that community building and collaboration are my destiny!

To Apply for Peri10k, click here. Hurry up. Membership Enrolments close on the 1st November.

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