Snapchat Ninja School 
(Snapchat Made Simple for Business)

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Watch this 4-minute video below to see how you can use Snapchat as a simple tool to  sky-rocket your personal brand!  

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Why Snapchat and Why Now? 

livestreamkatya snapchat

I created this course so that you can utilise the hottest app of 2016 in the quickest way possible. It took me a long time to understand Snapchat and I want to shorten that learning curve for you. 

To give you an idea of how fast Snapchat is growing: 

  • 60% of Smartphone users have Snapchat on their device.
  • 41% of Millenials (20 - 35 year olds) are on Snapchat [ Source: Snapchat ]
  • There are 10 billion video views a day on Snapchat (more than Facebook) (Bloomberg)
  • 22% of media execs plan to advertise on Snapchat in 2016 [ Source: Media Kix ]

Who is the course perfect for? 

  • Total newbies who have NEVER used Snapchat. 
  • Newbies who have used Snapchat but don't really get how it works.
  • Curious minds who love to learn new strategies for marketing. 

So what is included in the course? 

18 digestible videos. No fluff. Videos go straight to the point. Topics include: 

Module 1 - Why Snapchat

Module 2 - Snapchat Basics

Module 3 - Snapchat for Business

The Naughty Myths of Snapchat

Your Snapchat Profile

Intro to Snapchat for Business

Is Snapchat a Shiny Object?

Adding and Managing Friends

Five Ways to Use it for Business

Why Snapchat for Business

Your First Snap and Story

How to Grow Your Audience

How Important is Snapchat for YOU

Snapchat Etiquette

By the end of the course you will be confident using Snapchat and will know how you can use it for your Business on a daily basis!​

Here's how one of the Modules looks like! ​

snapchat for business

Is there a bonus if I sign up right now?

Um.. is the Pope catholic? Duh..! 

If you sign up right NOW, then I will personally do a LIVE Q&A and Training with me to support you throughout the course. Any questions you may have, I will answer.

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