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Social Media is a wonderful idea, until you find yourself at the edge of a cliff, screaming into the void.

It sounds dramatic, but it's what so many do. Scream at the top of their lungs. Hoping somebody would listen. Cause nobody's famous enough until enough people listen. Now if they could only scream loud enough...

Peri10k puts a stop to that.

No void. No competition. No screaming. Unless you're very excited or into metal, that is.

We join forces to go further, faster. We prop each other up. We aim for world domination, together.

No voice is lost. No spark not fanned into a fire.

Here's how:

Peri10k is a community that inspires. We inspire each other to grow, and we inspire our audience to follow their dreams, leading by example.

Join the Peri10k Waitlist

We are all about nurturing charismatic, fascinating entrepreneurs, speakers and writers. Once accepted into the family, you'll be given every tool and every opportunity to blossom into the best version of your live streaming self. We're a small group, so you can be sure you will get the attention you deserve. Your success is our success, and we take our success very seriously.

Peri10k Case Study - @honestlykechi

Peri10k Case Study - Tamrah Barber

Why join Peri10k?

The ShareAThon

The biggest and best known tool in our kit, it's a virtual stage where speakers from around the world can share their insights, their expertise and their followers. And we rock daily on Facebook, Instagram and Periscope. Topics are chosen by members. 

Katya SarmientoBusiness and Tech Strategist 

In 3 months since joining Peri10k my email list has grown by 145%, my social media by 315% and web traffic is up by 295% and this is with NO OTHER marketing. 

I just focused on doing the ShareAThon as much as possible. Now I am so confident on camera that I can make 1-3 videos daily. 

Creating content, programs, going on live stream, getting on camera randomly and just being myself is SO EASY. It used to be difficult. I used to press the record button and talk **** about myself and how terrible I look and how nervous I am about being on camera, and now I hit the record button and get right into with confidence. 

Peri10k LiveStream and Business Trainings Library

Monthly expert interviews and live trainings to help you make the most out of live streaming, from growing your list to making real sales without being salesy. New members get instant access to the entire library of exclusive content released to date. 

Take a look: 

Cordelia GaffarThe Stress-Less Specialist

I have learnt more from Katya and Peri10k in 2 weeks than I have in this past year. Guest Writing and Blogging blog is a trusted treasure trove of motivation and ideas. Hop on and share yours. Give whoever Googles you something to find. 

Belinda BennettsCoach and Author of "Fear To Love" at

Being a guest writer on the Peri10k blog has greatly increased my online exposure and helped me build my business. Within two days of posting my first article I signed up a coaching client who found me through it. I am thrilled with the results!

Monthly Speed Mastermind

Several dozen heads are always better than one. Once a month, you can tap the power of all the brilliant heads we have for anything from naming your offerings to marketing strategies and handling your clients like a badass.

Accountability Partner

Sometimes, reaching your business goals takes a gentle nudge or a firm kick. You’ll have the opportunity to be matched with someone who’ll deliver whichever you need today.

Global Community

Best-selling authors, TEDx speakers, award-winning entrepreneurs, inventors, artists. That’s the kind of folks you’ll meet here. Curious, passionate, inspirational. So come in, brainstorm, collaborate, make friends. 

Our members' network has over 1m followers combined. You think you could benefit?

Kathryn HuberLife and Health Coach at

This inspirational, multidimensional, group of thought leaders have supported my business growth, and my personal growth. Not only do they inspire me to reach my largest goals they offer their time and ideas (which are priceless) in order for me to succeed.

Now, we think empty hype is plain uncool.

Live streaming is not for everyone. Just like writing, painting, nuclear physics and soy milk. But if you know in your gut you’re a star, you’re ready to make your mark, and you have an inspiring message to share, we’re your tribe.

How do you start? 

1. First, fill out the application. This is to ensure that we remain a tightly knit community of supernova thought leaders. If I don’t think you’ll be a raving success, you’ll know the truth. I only want your money if we can help you soar.

2. If accepted, pay your dues. Just how much that is will depend on the membership you choose when we re-open. If you are on the waitlist, you will certainly save money. 

Peri10k Member

All the exposure and community support.

- Exposure through the ShareAThon live stream show.
- Access to a Live Stream & Business Library 
- Monthly Zoom Mastermind 
- Live Stream Accountability Partner (optional) 
- One Article Per month on the Peri10k Blog 
- Instagram Accelerator Pods (optional) 
- Global Community and Facebook Group

Peri10k VIP

Exposure, community support plus access to the brain behind it.

- Lifetime Peri10k Membership +

- VIP Video Filming Day in Malta (includes editing too), accommodation included (flights not included)
- 6 week Unlimited Support Via Facebook Messenger
- Lifetime access to all my past and future products. 

Cyndi Po Personal Development and Lifestyle Strategist

Within my first 5 months of being in Peri10k, my profits grew by 75% and my website traffic by 500%.

Angela McMillan Dance Teacher and Feldenkreis Practitioner 

Peri10k is a community of beautiful souls. I've increased my following on Periscope from 5 to 500 only after 3 months. I also increased my self-esteem to be able to go live streaming and share my message, Don't even start me on what Katya can do for you and your business. 

3. Participate! The more consistent you are, the brighter your tomorrows. And it’s gotten pretty bright for many of us already:

  • I, the founder of Peri10k, have been able to overcome my insecurities and quit my job to run the community full time and grow a six-figure online business.
  • Lucy Hall, Founder of, received a nomination for a Finalist Top 10 Social Media Blogger by Social Media Examiner, thanks to all the support and testimonials Peri10k members submitted. 
Lucy Hall Social Media Expert and Founder of

The quality of the community within Peri10k means that the engagement and participation is epic, when you speak or join in you feel part of something very special. Take a note! Peri10k is a force for good!

  • Personal Development expert Cyndi Po grew her profits by 75% and website traffic by 500% in just 5 months.

Active participation in this community has made many of us happier, healthier, wealthier, more confident and better-connected. That’s on top of increased visibility and ever-growing audiences. Oh and we’re just getting started!

Deborah Acker Transformational and Truth Coach at

Peri10k is a strong community of supportive and collaborative change-makers, and it has truly been instrumental in me growing my presence on Periscope and reaching an audience in days that may have taken months or years to connect with. 

Michelle Spriddell Social Media Expert and Co-Founder of @SoGooseberry

Peri10k has already exceeded any expectations I had in inspiring me & in providing opportunities for raising my game. We are looking forward to some truly exciting times ahead.

Our ShareAThon™ is now on Periscope, Facebook Live and Instagram. Future plans include Peri10k Events with Peri10k Speakers, Peri10k Members' Retreats.

We’re growing fast. Tag along.

Michala Leyland  Life Coach Founder of Wood For The Trees Coaching

I was on the first scope with Katya when she shared her Peri10k vision. I can hardly believe how far it has come and it is only the beginning. To be part of a loving, giving, quality community of thought leaders and change-makers is exciting, exhilarating and empowering. Katya's tireless dedication to Peri10k is inspiration. If you haven't applied to join us and you fit the bill, what have you got to lose?

Peri10k Testimonial - Jai Garcia

Peri10k Testimonial - Jai Garcia

Join the Peri10k Waitlist

Have more questions? We have answers. 

Is it worth the money?

Let’s see. It’s going to cost you the same to have two nice meals out at a mid-range restaurant, or to invest in joining our community as a Speaker for the next month.

The difference is, the two meals will give you two nights of good food and wine. Two opportunities for good conversation with someone you like, perhaps? A bit of quality time with someone who is in your life already.

One month with us may give you new friends for life. An accountability partner you can rely on. A collaborator or twelve. A kick in the butt to finally get your game face on. Oh, and crazy growth for your business. The kind that buys you food and wine as often as you like.

You will need to put in some work, of course. Peri10k is a tool that has to be used to reap all the benefits. But if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves (and practice a few tongue twisters), it is worth the money several times over.

Do I really need a community?

We don’t know. There are people out there who do their best work on their own. Unfortunately, it takes those people a lot of work, time, and dumb luck to be noticed.

Our community isn’t for the committed loner. We don’t want you to be miserable with us. We want you to be happy.

And trust us, if you’re after unlimited support and DISPROPORTIONATE growth, you will be very happy with us.

Won't this take too much time?

Peri10k isn’t out to steal your precious hours, we’re out to save you precious YEARS.

Visibility, connections, income, learning, all of these come at an accelerated pace here. So that instead of trying all kinds of things and seeing what sticks, you can use the experience of the ones who came before you. Their followers, too.

Worth setting aside 30 minutes a day to hop on Facebook live, isn’t it?

But do I really have to live stream?

No. Especially if you’re bad at it. Even if you’re good at it, you still don’t have to do it.

Just don’t complain about missing the boat 5 years from now.

What if I don't like Periscope?

Our name links us to our Periscope roots, but the Shareathon is now happening on Facebook Live and Instagram too.

Now, you may not like Facebook either. In that case, we don’t know what you’re doing online at all. Seriously. AOL?

This all sounds good but what if I can't afford it?

Don’t apply.

If you’re on welfare and have 4 kids to feed, you need to get on your feet first, or you’ll be too distracted.

If you’re spending $10 at Starbucks every day but can’t afford to invest a week's worth of coffee in your future, we won’t get along.

Just don’t apply.

Ready to join the waitlist anyway?

Instead Of Competing, We Should Be Collaborating.

Instead of hating, we should be creating. We can ALL prosper. Focus on that instead of worrying whether you deserve it and if there’s enough. You do. There is. Now go help a peer of yours.