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I care about mothers because no one else does by Cordelia Gaffar

There’s a lot of things I care about.

My passion is fitness, wellbeing and health. But most of all, I care about mothers because no one else does. Yes, I said it. Mothers are judged, scrutinized, belittled, berated, taken for granted. What’s worse is we do it to each other. I am all about sisterhood in motherhood. My group coaching surrounds that concept.


Being a mother is the highest position and status a woman can have above being the President of nation, CEO of a company or any other career because we literally feed and nurture the next generation inside and out.


How does all of this relate to fitness, well-being and health?


I chose my title the Stress Less Mom because it grabs your attention. I chose the title because many people compliment me on “being calm through motherhood”, “through having six kids”.


I did not choose the title because, I don’t stress…I am just mindful with it. I know the effects of stress on the body and how it can make me less present emotionally, spiritually and quite frankly kill me. Stress is the number one cause of the diseases that give women, mothers, an early grave.


Although, I livestream often, it is easier for me to communicate through writing. I started six years ago writing a blog during my fifth pregnancy. Then I was trying to work out for myself how to remain a mindful, peaceful mom, be fulfilled in my own dreams and aspirations as well as present and healthy for my children.


At the time it was a heavy load for me.


Up until then, I thought that I had it all together with my self-nurturing system in place since having my first child. I was worried. I was afraid. Can I really do this?


I started to re-evaluate my every effort and action. In that documentation process, I dreamed of one day writing a book to benefit moms. There is no true guide for motherhood. It is really one trial and error after another. But having a framework that anyone could pick up and apply to their life would be a real load off for most.


First -time moms, stay-at-home moms, career moms and those with “support” (bouncing between their own mom’s great advice, and mother-in-law’s great advice) could all stand on their own confidently maintaining self and motherhood.


Believe it or not self-nurturing does include eating correctly, sleeping on time and enough, exercise regularly and enough and protecting your self-talk. While we are feeding the next generation, they are learning more from what we do.


If you really want to be an example, take care of yourself. I was afraid to ask my children what type of mother I am. To my surprise they said,” you are loving, caring and listen to us. You really take time to make sure we are eating yummy good for us food and sleeping even when we don’t want to.”


Then I asked what about when I get stressed out. They said,” we feel really bad because we know you want what’s best for us and we worry that it will make you sick.” But overall, they see me as a healthy fun mom who loves them. They care about my health, because I care about my health. Both my sons can cook and also give me better ways to make the food healthier and delicious. One of my daughter’s specializes in making smoothies. They all look forward to our family hikes no matter the season.


That is what I mean when I say that I help moms to build a total system of self-nurturing for themselves using whole nutrient-dense foods, maximize their time to move more and to exercise as well as have a perspective shift.

Your children will be part of the process and remind you to take care of you.


In my latest book, Workout Around My Day: The Only Health Guide Moms Need, I have a chapter dedicated to just self-nurturing and another with recipes with a healthy twist. It’s a workbook; it’s a storybook; it’s a cookbook.


It is now available on Amazon I want to help moms to maintain balance; eat well and set an example for their children by making the holidays happy and healthy.

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  • Katya Varbanova January 3, 2017   Reply →

    Beautiful share!

  • Tiffany M. Zwieg, LMT January 3, 2017   Reply →

    Awwww…it sounds like you have a wonderful family! Go you and your passion! <3

    • Cordelia Gaffar January 6, 2017   Reply →

      Thank you Tiffany!

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