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How to Get More Followers and Trend on Periscope?

Ready to learn how to get more followers?


Do you want to trend on Periscope? Because that is definitely the one sure-fire way for how to get more followers on any platform really.

I am Kathryn Huber.

kathryn huber

I am about to share THE THREE THINGS that helped me trend on Periscope and get more followers ( over 7,000 new followers in 12 hours to be exact).
I am the Sparkle Spitting Queen of America and I’m about to blow you away.


I have been scoping every day for the last year and gained over 5,000 followers. I have been incredibly consistent with live streaming.


Last week, after a Happy Birthday scope I did for a fellow Peri10k member, I started trending on Periscope and I grew my account from 5,000 to almost 12,000 followers in 12 hours.


Crazy hey? I’ve been consistent all year with the platform and it took less than 12 hours to double my results that I achieved for the past 365 days.
Anyone can learn how to get more followers. Anyone can trend.


As long as you do these three things.


Watch this quick video and feel free to comment below your thoughts.

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