I Made $4000 in 60 days on Periscope – Interview w/ Michael Cinquino

Have you ever heard of LiveStream Profit Machine? Ever thought you can profit from Periscope and make lots of money?

I never believed it was possible either. And yet, it’s happening for so many of the Peri10k members. This platform is crazy! I am not joking with you, folks. Today, I am so grateful that Michael Cinquino is sharing his story and some wisdom from his journey from 0 to $4,000 in 60 days on Periscope.

But firstly, who is Michael?


Michael Cinquino is a headshot, branding and portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. His unique gift for setting his subjects at ease and inspiring them to share their authentic selves is what has made Michael the photographer of choice for hundreds of actors, artists, musicians and professionals every year.

Michael’s life experience is as vast as his body of work – he holds a Bachelors Degree in Acting & Directing and a Masters Degree in Acting. He’s also served as a US Navy Rescue Swimmer, has walked on fire barefoot (twice), jumped out of a plane (with a parachute) and holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in Hapkido. Michael has a 20 year fascination with personal development and continues to invest in training from the world’s best such as Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Roger Love etc.

He is a regular Periscope Broadcaster who not only inspires people on a daily basis but he also created a business around it with Livestream Profit Machine – a 6 weeks online video course that teaches you exactly how to profit with this platform.

Katya: So Michael, I am fortunate to have seen you flourish on Periscope from Day 1 and to have you in the Peri10k family. Tell me, what made you get on this Platform in the first place?


  • Michael: It was the efforts of two amazing women that got me on Periscope. One I have to thank, the other I have to apologize to. First the apology goes to MUA Amanda Wilson who introduced me to the platform when it first came out. I shrugged it off and thought it would be a waste of time. I’ve already apologized to Amanda since (and thanked her as well). The other thanks goes to Charlene Johnson. She did a presentation and sold me on the opportunity that existed with this platform. After seeing Charlene’s presentation, I did my first broadcast.


K: Oh wow, so was there a moment you felt ‘Man..this thing sucks. Seems like Periscope is overhyped’


  • M: Not really. When Amanda showed it to me I was like: Ain’t nobody got time for ANOTHER social media platform.


K: Would you like to tell the viewers more about you and your journey so far?


  • M: Sure! Periscope has literally transformed my life and my businesses. That’s no exaggeration. I was able to profit to the tune of over 4K in just my first 60days on the platform. It continues to be the best way to connect with others and create a deep and meaningful connection.


K: So what was the turning point for you to realise that there is a potential business idea in Periscope?


  • M: About 30 days in. I saw that the skill set I had acquired over the last 20 years was a perfect fit for not only being a broadcaster but for teaching others how to master and profit from the platform.


K: Why did you create your course LIVESTREAMPROFIT MACHINE?


  • M: I realized I could only help so many people during my broadcasts. I knew I had to create something that was perpetual if I wanted to help as many people as possible


K: Some people say it’s quite expensive in comparison to all other courses. What makes LIVESTREAM PROFIT MACHINE different from all others in the marketplace?


  • M: Interesting. I wasn’t aware of that. As far as pricing goes, I was able to create and successfully launch a course solely off of Periscope in under 60 days that made me over $1500. In LIVESTREAM PROFIT MACHINE, I teach you how I do that and a lot more. Also, I took one full group through the program once before I created the videos now. The students in the initial course loved it so much that they sent me a group thank you journal.  LSPM will shorten your learning curve and give you everything you need to from Periscope. In that sense, $197 is a very small investment.


K: What else have you got in store for your viewers in the future?


  • All kinds of stuff! I’ve already started letting people into my photoshoots which I’ve never done before. I’ve been a Pro photographer here in NYC for over 6 years and it’s a great way to look inside. I also have an online course coming out to that will help other Creative Entrepreneurs profit from their passions.


K: And what is the best advice you can give some starting out on Periscope?


  • Check your ego at the door and bring your struggles with you.


K: Finally, can you share with everybody reading this, what has Peri10k done for you so far and what potential do you see for it in the future.


  • As I continue to say, the value that Peri10k brings into Periscope is not quantifiable (because it’s HUGE). I know that I wouldn’t have the meaningful connection with my audience that I have now if it wasn’t for my Peri10k family. I also know that my Peri10k family continues to help me grow not only as a broadcaster but as a human being.


K: Thanks, Michael, you are  the best and we cannot quantify the value that you bring to our family! The membership is currently closed but people are more than welcome to join the waiting list on www.peri10k.com/join

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