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  • Top 10 in the Leaderboard get an exclusive 3 hour long Mastermind Party where we’re gonna spend some time together on Zoom and you will be personally coached by me.
  • Top 3 in the Leaderboard will get FREE 1 hour, 30 mins and 30 mins free consultation with me respectively (which I usually charge $300 for)
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  • 3x Done for You Social Media Templates (6 of them) to boost your engagement by the Intuitive Branding Expert Sky Mandala
  • 3x Jessica Lorimer’s Discovery Call Strategy Training that can get you from 0 to 6 and 7 figures in no time?Now let me ask you… out of all the prizes here, which one would you like to win the most? COMMENT BELOW!!

This is the list of all tasks and all homework to be completed including instructions how to claim your points. 

By participating in the challenge you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions


Every Day, I will drop a Live Video with homework and challenges to complete. Here’s the scheduleMonday – 11.30 ET (4.30 UK and 8.30am PT) Tuesday – 2.30 ET (7.30 UK and 11.30 PT) Wednesday – 2.30 ET (7.30 UK and 11.30 PT)Thursday – 11.30 ET (4.30 UK and 8.30am PT) Friday – 2.30 ET (7.30 UK and 11.30 PT) 

You can join in at any time and complete all tasks or just a few tasks – all prizes will be based on skill or certain tasks being completed. There will be tasks that bring you points towards the giveaway and tasks that don’t bring you points, but will make me want to buy you muffins 😛 If you want to participate purely for fun, that’s totally okay. Just FIY, in our last challenge the people who completed all tasks made the most sales and it was not a coincidence.Each task will be announced as we go and summarized on this page (bookmark peri10k.com/homework) and will have its own hashtag. If you want to win prizes, it’s very important you pay attention to the hashtag because every time you complete your tasks, you have to comment with that hashtag under the master entry post (peri10k.com/master) to let me know you have completed the task and I can go and review it.If you are submitting multiple tasks done, submit each of them in a different comment! 3 tasks = 3 comments etc.If you intend to complete all the tasks you’re gonna need a Facebook account, an Instagram account and a smartphone (Youtube and Periscope are optional platforms for you to use). If you are brand new and feel nervous about going live in public, you are welcome to go LIVE in my FREE group (just avoid any external links as this a promo-free zone) and make sure you grab my Live Video Checklist for help with what to say when on your streams.

By the end of the 5 days, you should feel more confident, more strategic and make more sales than ever. In case you are wondering who’s running the challenge, heyaaa! I am Katya and I quit my banking job back in 2015 to live stream full time. I know a thing or two about monetizing live videos.I have since grown a community of over 60,000+ entrepreneurs who I adore and love to serve. What I am teaching you in the challenge is EVERYTHING me and my clients do to rock our live streams and make more sales. You can read more about me here – www.livestreamincome.com/aboutBut most of all, have fun, invite your friends and have the best time of your life! Business is about fun. Don’t ever forget that.

(OPTIONAL) TASK 1 – Share about your challenge participation on your Facebook wall. 

Use the “Announcing I am participating in the challenge” Script on Facebook and tag me so I can give you some social love.This will not give you any points towards the giveaway but it will give your friends the opportunity to join in with you.

I am so excited to take part in LiveStreamKatya’s 5 Day Bold Live Video Sales Challenge and get more sales through video than ever!I am challenging YOU to join me and compete against me in the challengeAll the details can be found by joining Katya’s FREE Live Stream Marketing Group – www.facebook.com/groups/livestreamincome 

No submission required in the master entry post. No points will be allocated for this task but I will be forever grateful.

TASK 2 – #PUMPKIN – 10 points – Share about your participation in the challenge on Instagram

Use the Public Service Announcement on Instagram with this script and use one of the images from https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwlaT45vTSdKRWYzTUh1eFA0OTA or make your own with your own branding: I am so excited to take part in @livestreamkatya’s 5 Day Bold Live Video Sales Challenge and bring you some value. Check out @livestreamkatya’s bio link for details on how to join. #livevideo #facebooklive

To register your points, go to the MASTER ENTRY, take a screenshot that shows you completed it (or just drop the link to the actual post) post ​and comment  #PUMPKIN on the Facebook post. Note: It must be as a comment, not as a reply.

TASK 3 – #JELLY – Share your HOOK story on live video (you choose the platform) 10 points

Firstly, before you do your first live video, I want you to set an intention for yourself for THAT particular video: What would you like to get out of it?

Want to get a discovery call? Want to simply complete your first live? Want to sell a course? Want to gain 10 new Facebook fans? Want to get 5 email subscribers? 

Share your intention on the Day 1 live stream for accountability – ON THIS VIDEO

Secondly, I want you to ask yourself “What call to action do I need to have in order to get closer to that goal?”

If you want a discovery call, then you want to have a link to book a call in your video. If you want 5 new Fans, your CTA is “Like my page” etc. 🙂 

We’ll be talking MORE about the Perfect Call to Action on Wednesday! So don’t worry about making it perfect for now, just make sure you have one. Don’t just say goodbye without offering next steps. 


Share your HOOK story on LIVE VIDEO (platform does not matter) for 10 points. 

A HOOK story is a story which when you share with the right people, they will have the AHA moment that YOU HAD when you first discovered a problem that you solved. It’s the AHA moment that they need in order to by from you.

It’s YOUR story of how YOU ended up doing what you do today and why.

The purpose of this task is to nurture, inspire and convert. 

I want you to GO LIVE and share that moment with everybody. 

Once you finish your broadcast, take a screenshot (or grab the link) and post it with #JELLY in the Facebook Master Post entry (pinned at the top of my business page) with or go to www.peri10k.com/master 

Adding the hashtag to your comment (not to your video) in the MASTER ENTRY post is essential or else the software will not count your 10 points!

Feel free to tag me (find my page by searching @livestreamkatya) if you want me to review your video. I will be randomly checking some of them and giving you feedback. 

TASK 4 – #MUFFIN – Re-PURPOSE your HOOK STORY into a Written Article Post – 10 points

Now that you completed TASK 3 #JELLY, I want you to repurpose the HOOK STORY you just shared into an Article-Style post. You can either share it as a Facebook Note, or Facebook Post on your personal or business profile, or if you prefer write an actual blog article. All I want you to do is take what you just said on video and write it as an article-story. Make it AT LEAST 5-6 paragraphs, if not more. Add visuals and images of yours if you can (or use pixabay.com to find free stock images). Once you complete your article/post/note and PUBLISH IT, take a screenshot and share the screenshot on the MASTER ENTRY post with #MUFFIN. Remember, you MUST comment on the Master Post – www.peri10k.com/master with your screenshot and #MUFFIN to count your 10 extra points. 

Feel free to tag me (find my page by searching @livestreamkatya) if you want me to check your post. 

TASK 5 – Make a sale as a direct result of your HOOK STORY (video or post) and you get a prize of your choice + 10 points

You thought I was joking when I said I will do EVERYTHING I can to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and offer your products like a boss? Nope. 

In fact, every time you SELL something, I will reward you (sometimes with points, sometimes with instant prizes, depending on the mood I am in). So here’s your challenge.If you make a sale of a product/service that costs at least $10, send me a PM on my business page (facebook.com/livestreamkatya), show me proof and tell me what you sold and how you sold it. Leave the rest with me. I’ll tell you how to claim your points after 😛 

TASK 6 – #ORANGE –  Post a Behind The Scenes Broadcast


There are many different types of content that can help you promote your business. But there’s one type of content people always underestimate that is quite powerful.And that is BEHIND THE SCENES videos and live streams. Think about this… your potential customers/clients don’t just buy from you because you have a good product/service. They also buy from you BECAUSE they feel connected to who you are as a person or as a brand. And to show them some of the day-to-day work and how you do it, it is an unbelievable opportunity to connect with you and your brand on a human level. So today, I want you to experience the power of BEHIND THE SCENES CONTENT. I want you to connect it to your story that you shared yesterday. Share behind the scenes of how you run your business. E.g. Share your office.E.g. Share “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF [ insert your title ] E.g. Share a personal passion of yours or a beautiful view that is somehow connected to where you get your inspiration from. E.g. Share about your morning routine..In other words.. share the stuff you do on a daily basis that nobody really sees because you don’t show! When you’re done, take a screenshot and post it in the MASTER ENTRY POST at www.peri10k.com/master with #ORANGE 🙂 Make sure it’s a separate comment and you have included the hashtag or else the software won’t count your points. 

TASK 7 – #BANANA –  Ask People What They Want To Buy on a Facebook/Instagram Post!


This one you’re gonna need to do in preparation for tomorrow’s live stream challenge! The purpose of the script I am about to show you is to gage interest for WHO is willing to invest and WHAT they are willing to invest in. Many people skip this step and end up selling stuff nobody wants to buy and that sucks. COPY-PASTE this script and post it on Social Media in as many places as possible (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc.) Feel free to tweak the words for your own version and just keep the gist of it! Delete the red and add your version. —–Many of you know that I’ve been helping [insert who you help] to [ insert the outcome you help them achieve ] for [ insert how long ]. It’s truly my passion and I’d love to serve more people in a bigger way. And I believe the best way to do that is to create the best [products/services] in the World. So here’s a serious question for you. If you need help with [ insert the problem that you can solve ] , what is ONE product or service that if I created for you right now, you would buy it immediately? Let me know in the comments! —–Here’s an example for a service-based business:Many of you know that I’ve been helping entrepreneurs to grow their presence online through live streaming for the last 2 years.It truly is my passion and I’d love to serve more people in a bigger way. And I believe the best way to do that is to create the best products in the World.So here’s a question for you. If you need help with growing your online presence to get more leads and sales, what is ONE product or service that if I created for you right now, you would buy it immediately? Let me know in the comments! Here’s an example for a product-based business: Many of you know that I’ve been creating beautiful hats for career women for 5 years. It truly is my passion and I’d love to serve more people in a bigger way. And I believe the best way to do that is to create the best hats in the World.So here’s a question for you! If you are a career woman who loves hats, what is ONE type of hat that if I created for you right now, you would buy it immediately? Let me know in the comments! Once you post this, take a screenshot of your post, and comment with it and #BANANA on the MASTER ENTRY POST – peri10k.com/master 


If you haven’t done Day 1 and Day 2, go back and do  them first. 

Today I want you to look back at your TASKS 7 #BANANA responses. If you see anyone who commented with a product/service they would buy which you already sell, make sure you reach out to them and just let them know “Hey.. I saw you mentioned you were interested in X, I just wanted to let you know I actually have this. It does XYZ and it helps with ABC, would you like me to send you the link to check it out?” This is a really gentle, non salesy way of reaching out to an interested prospect. And don’t worry about reaching out to them. They already said they would buy it. Let them buy it 🙂 So today.. for #BLUEBERRY, I want you to go LIVE and share something related to the comments you got from #BANANA. What were the threads? Is there something you can teach around that for FREE? A product you can demonstrate? Do that. And then at the end of the broadcast.. use my GUILT SCRIPT! Write it in the description + say it out loud. For service-based businesses“Hey, thank you so much for watching this. If you enjoyed this FREE content, I want you to know I go into so much more depth in my [ insert name of your program ]. By the end of completing the program/ you should expect [insert results]. Click the link to learn more/book a discovery call. (insert link)For product-bases businesses “Hey, thank you so much for watching this. If you LOVED this FREE demonstration, I want you to know I have so many more products available that can [ mention the result / outcome / feeling it would give them ] which I know you are going to love. I only have limited pieces on my website but you can check them out at… [insert link] As usual, make sure you submit the screenshot and your homework in the MASTER post with #BLUEBERRY @ peri10k.com/master

TASK 9 – PREP FOR TOMORROW Q&A SCRIPT (post on your wall/social media) 

If you haven’t done Day 1 and Day 2, go back and do  them first. 

Today, I want to teach you how to NEVER run out of ideas for content 🙂 Use my Q&A method to gage exactly what people want to learn about.This is different from the buyers question because it will help you decide what content to create (in combination with what the buyers wanted  to buy). So take this script and post it on your wall on Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin – everywhere 🙂 And tag me so I can see it!No points for this task, it’s simply prep but you’re going to need it for DAY 4! Feel free to vary the words of course. —-“Dear Friends, If you are struggling with [ ABC – insert your own variation] I would love your help. I will be going live at [ insert time an time zone ] and will be sharing my knowledge / thoughts around [ABC].Could you help me out and let me know what are some questions around that, that you would love to have answered?Just comment below and I’ll pick a few to answers on my stream.Thank you!”


Today, I want you to use the Questions you got from yesterday and do a broadcast titled “ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT (your expertise/product)”. If you didn’t get any questions, then please write down 3 hypothetical common questions you could get and have them ready. Go LIVE and tell everyone they can ask you anything they want on the stream about (your expertise/product). To make sure there’s no silence, start answering a few of the questions that you already prepared from yesterday’s Q&A post! At the end, make sure you use the GUILT SCRIPT (from day 3) and submit your homework at peri10k.com/master with #MANGOIf you make a sale from it, message me! 😛 


One of the best things I ever did for my business is becoming omni-present on multiple social media platforms and repurposing my content. Once you finish your Live Stream for the day, I want you to take the best question and answer and make a 60 second long instagram video or Instagram Story about it. If you are posting an instagram video, here’s a script you can use with it as a caption: As part of @livestreamkatya’s live video sales challenge, I wanted to answer one of the most popular questions I get as a (insert your title) which is (insert the question)Then take a screenshot and post it in the master entry post (peri10k.com/master) with #PEACH to claim another 10 points! Don’t know how to make an instagram video? Read thisDon’t know how to make an Instagram Story? Read this

TASK 12 – (10-30 points depends for the best transformations) SEND ME A DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO OF YOUR CHALLENGE TRANSFORMATION

Have you had AHA moments and transformations during this 5 Day Challenge? If Yes, you can win between 10-30 points! I believe that at the end of the day, the WINNERS of any competition are those who grow the most (personally and professionally). I want you to RECORD a video of yourself (length doesn’t matter) and send it to me either via email (katya@peri10k.com) or upload it in my Gdrive folder here – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwlaT45vTSdKM1huUEc0V3owemc?usp=sharing  In the video I want you to include 3 things. 1. How you found the experience over the last 5 days (share before/after) 2. What were your biggest wins – please be specific and include sales numbers, followers numbers , fears overcome, personal gains/wins – ANYTHING. The more specific and thorough you are, the more chance you have to get 30 points as opposed to 10. 3. How you found me as a teacher, what you learnt from me and my strategies and what you will take away. I will review all video transformations tomorrow and will assign between 10-30 points to all of you (personally) based on the transformation you demonstrated! Also.. know FIY that I will be using those transformations as future case studies so if you don’t want to appear on marketing material, don’t send me one 🙂 If you do.. THANK YOU! 

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