Bucket List 2017

Bucket List 2017 – 52 Mini Ideas for Happiness and Creativity

Have you started working on your Bucket List 2017?

It’s never too late to start dreaming and start planning for bucket list 2017. We did it last year and had over 2k shares and we will do it again!

Let’s do this together.

Step 1: Pick the bucket list Challenges below that resonate with you. You can select all of them or you can simply pick the ones that you fancy trying.

Step 2: Research what you need to achieve/perform them (e.g. props, purchases, bookings etc.) 

Step 3: Schedule them in your calendar for when you would love to attempt/do them and make it happen.



  1. Make it your mission to become BRILLIANT at goal setting. This bucket list will be useless otherwise. I use these planners to set my goals every year.
    set goals 90 day year
  2. Have a hot/cold shower combo for a week. Tony Robbins does this as a way to improve his mental strength so did Napoleon Hill. I tried it once and I am now hooked. cold shower
  3. Write a letter to your younger self. Spray perfume on, seal it and send it to your own address.Write a Letter to Yourself
  4. Create a Vision Board. Include some of these 52 ideas in it. Go crazy with the colour pens.Create a Vision Board
  5. Plan your next week diary in such detail that you know what you’ll be doing every hour of the day. Be the most organised person you know for one week. I use the World’s bestselling Leonie Dawson’s planners to keep me accountable throughout the year. Schedule your week
  6. Journal every day for one week. Do it first thing in the morning and just let your hand do the job. Don’t worry about what you journal. Just do it.female-865110_640
  7. Wake up an hour earlier to work on your goals for a week. I know you can do this.morning-1092771_640
  8. Pretend to be a tourist in your own city/town. Take random photographs. Go out and buy souvenirs. Have a coffee in a local shop.photographer-407068_640
  9. Go away on a SPA break ALONE. Don’t take anyone with you and leave your phone/laptop behind. Do nothing for 2 days apart from relaxing and exercising.wellness-285587_640
  10. Have a home-made smoothie every day for a week. I use NUTRiBULLET and it makes epic smoothies and goodness.
  11. Meditate for 5 mins a day for a week. Don’t worry about how you do it. You can relax, you can colour, you can listen to music. Whatever works for you. meditation-609235_640
  12. Create a short 10 pages e-book and upload it on Amazon through Kindle Publishing for FREE. You think it’s too difficult? Try HOW TO WRITE AN EBOOK: In Less Than 7- 14 Days That Will Make You Money Forever
  13. Surprise your partner with a Bath Treat. If you don’t have a partner, surprise yourself with a Bath Treat. Here are 10 Bath Recipe Inspirations. Get some candles, some scents and turn the lights off. Enjoy!spa-652129_640
  14. Buy Bluetooth headphones and run around with loud music in your ears. It’s really fun. The ones I use are Sony DR-BTN200M. My gym loves me. baby-560924_640
  15. Buy a canvas, throw some paint on it and call it your Signature Painting. They make great Christmas presents! Haha 🙂paint-986501_640
  16. Look through your wardrobe, get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a year and donate them.closet-912694_640
  17. Read a book a day for a week. What would be your first? reading-925589_640
  18. Bike ride around your local area with someone specialcouple-955926_640
  19. Organise family BBQ for no reason. Woahhh! fool-791504_640
  20. Organise and/or participate in a treasure hunt. Here are some instructions on how you can plan yours. The more kids,  the more the fun. map-455769_640
  21. Learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube – I promise you, it’s easier than you think. Read the instructions here or watch this 15-min video here magic-cube-232282_640
  22. Learn a card trick, perform it to your friends. Here’s an easy one which is also one my favourites – Easy Card Trick
  23. Go skiing. Take the scary slopes and enjoy yourself!skiers-234519_640
  24. Get re-connected with your favourite school teacher. Tell them about your life. They would love to know. Or least hope they would! woman-690036_640
  25. Find someone to take under your wing and mentor them. brothers-444924_640
  26. Embrace your fears, go to a karaoke bar and own the stage. Just don’t sing ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber. It can go badly. performance-477714_640
  27. Learn how to do a perfect push up and do 20 of them. Here’s an example video that can show you how.push-ups-888024_640
  28. Learn how to juggle – it’s very easy – watch this YouTube videoballs-272409_640
  29. Attend the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. Take me with you? race-801940_640
  30. Create a Passive Income product like an e-course and sell it online. I use Zaxxa to host and sell anything digital I create. create-865017_640
  31. Organise a picnic with your friends in your home city/townpicnic-918754_640
  32. Ride a segway for a day.segway-88961_640
  33. Make one of your rooms at home a workout room.yoga-876744_640
  34. Propose to a complete stranger as a jokei-beg-your-pardon-1015982_640
  35. Try trampolining for a daytrampoline-241899_640
  36. Buy a cheap ticket to a foreign country.passport-881305_640


  37. Go to an inspirational event such as TED conference.audience-945449_640
  38. Take a cocktail-making class. Get drunk.glasses-406990_640
  39. Go on a cruise for a week.ship-740447_640
  40. Live in wilderness for a week. Ohh yeahh!brazil-69586_640
  41. Prank call somebody that they have won the lottery. bebe-827779_640
  42. Apply to appear on a TV show. vanna-white-398159_640
  43. Fly in a helicopter for a dayhelicopter-923119_640
  44. Go to a Fun Fair and buy a caricature painting of yourself. artist-178268_640
  45. Treat yourself to a professional photoshoot for no reason.apples-635240_640
  46. Learn to do proper pull-ups. Anyone can do it in 5 easy steps. This video can help you.fitness-725881_640
  47. Go to a food festival for a daybuffet-974742_640
  48. Be blind for a dayperson-1001258_640
  49. Apply to be a Movie Extra in your local areadirector-237412_640


  50. Try to break a Guiness World Recordrunning-498257_640
  51. Don’t care what others think/say for one weekwoman-586185_640
  52. Commit to 24 hour silence. Mmmmmmmm…meditation-277889_640

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Dedicated to Cyndi Po who believes in living life to the fullest no matter what. 

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