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What is Peri10k?

Peri10k is an invite-only, application-only exclusive community for fascinating entrepreneurs from 10+ countries. People with a mission bigger than themselves.

It is an extraordinary mastermind of changemakers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to change the World – authors, speakers, experts, CEOs, entrepreneurs etc and more.

If you are accepted in Peri10k, you will be part of a powerful network which will lead to deep connections, profound breakthroughs, and unique opportunities to leave a legacy as a community, so that you can expand your capability of accomplishing extraordinary things.


What does “Peri10k” actually stand for?

Our original members were focused on Periscope and the goal of reaching 10k followers through their message. Since then, we have continued to evolve. Today, we are no longer just about Periscope or just about live streaming. We are much more than that.

Facebook Live

We eat those for breakfast.

Future platforms in our pipeline include: LinkedIn, YouTube

What is the ShareAThon? 

The biggest and best-known tool in our kit, it’s a virtual stage where Peri10k Speakers around the World share their insights and expertise. Daily.

It happens on Facebook Live, Instagram and Periscope MON-FRI 9am ET, 4pm ET and 6pm ET

Is there an application process? 

Yes. Our primary mission is to collaborate to innovate. To make the World a more positive place. To dominate together. So we are very protective of our special community feel. Our application process exists to ensure this is protected.

How do we select our Peri10k members? 

We do not have a set of qualifications we require. However, we tend to prefer applicants are were referred by current Peri10k members and/or applicants who clearly demonstrate the Peri10k-umph.

You have nothing to lose by applying at www.peri10k.com/join

What makes Peri10k different from other online masterminds?

Integrity is everything. We collaborate and work together on important projects so trust is crucial. Therefore, we vet every single applicant to ensure we maintain that integrity and the quality in our group. We are a small, tight-knit community and like to keep it that way.

Why are there membership fees?

This is how we run OUR ship. We do not bombard you with adverts and it helps us maintain the quality of our membership. We have ALWAYS BEEN and ALWAYS WILL prefer quality over quantity.

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Snap by @Whitefoxstudios

Founded by Katya Varbanova @LiveStreamKatya


To be the most Inspirational Community!


Through collaboration, we create content and projects which are so inspirational and influential, that our audience feels empowered to follow their dreams and share their own gifts with the World.
Being the most inspirational community does not mean being the biggest, but it does mean being the best in terms of members and viewers engagement, members personal growth, and shareable content created.
Out content is diverse, fast-paced, fun and valuable to help you improve yourself, your business and your career


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Barry Selby

Barry Selby

Relationships Expert and Coach / BarrySelby.Com

I am in love with Peri10k! This group of inspired and joy-filled leaders is a powerful hub of caring and heartfelt speakers and guides that bring content and inspiration to the world. Peri10k provides me with a place to shine, a place to share, and a place to collaborate.

Kathryn Huber

Kathryn Huber

Health and Fitness Coach, Sparkles Spitter / KathrynElizabethHuber.Com

From the moment I joined Peri10k I knew my life would never be the same. This inspirational, multidimensional, group of thought leaders have supported my business growth, and my personal growth. Not only do they inspire me to reach my largest goals they offer their time and ideas (which are priceless) in order for me to succeed.

Kandi Conda, KcBizBoss

Kandi Conda, KcBizBoss

6 Times Author and Hall Of Famer / kcbizboss.com/

Peri10k is a great collaborative community of individuals that express themselves daily via insightful broadcasts #shareathon and support each other on other social mediums. A great meeting of masterminds all in one place! They are comprised of thought leaders, speakers, trainers, educators, entrepreneurs and everyday people.

Michelle Spriddell

Michelle Spriddell

Co-Founder of @SocialGooseberry / Social Gooseberry

Peri10K has already exceeded any expectations I had in inspiring me & in providing opportunities for raising my game. Katya is a natural leader, nurturing the group and all within, which in turn enables content to emerge that is inspiring and motivating to all who view and r ead. We are looking forward to some truly exciting times ahead.

Deborah Acker

Deborah Acker

Transformation & Truth Coach / DeborahAcker.com

Peri10k is a strong community of supportive and collaborative change-makers, and it has truly been instrumental in me growing my presence on Periscope and reaching an audience in days that may have taken months or years to connect with. With the shareathons, I know I'm never alone; everyone truly cares and wants to help lift each other up. I come to this community for inspiration, love and to go further and farther, faster.

Michala Leylan

Michala Leylan

Women's Life Coach / Wood For The Trees Coaching

I was on the first scope with Katya when she shared her peri10k vision. I can hardly believe how far it has come and it is only the beginning. To be part of a loving, giving, quality community of thought leaders and change makers is exciting, exhilarating and empowering. Katya's tireless dedication to peri10k is inspiring. If you haven't joined us and you fit that bill, what have you got to lose?

Valerie Silidker

Valerie Silidker

Transformational Coach and Soul Purpose Activator / The Zen Cruise

Peri10k embodies the energy of collaboration and inspiration. We are a family of wisdom teachers, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and super creatives, who support and empower each other and our world into greatness! Being part of this group is an invitation to strengthen your skills, mastermind with amazing people and experience the power of community

Ani Owo

Ani Owo

Mindset Coach

Peri10k stands strongly by its values and promotes quality over quantity. Value is taken seriously here and constantly delievered. Peri10K has allowed me to find the hidden gems on Periscope and connect with like-minded thought leaders. I'm very grateful to be part of this amazing community!

Stefanie Rennert

Stefanie Rennert

Katya is are a super star collaborator! Thanks for paving the way for us currently within #Peri10k, future #Peri10K and the world who is touched by us now and along our journey. So thankful to have found you all at the beginning of the Periscope journey so that we do not have to do it alone! #CollaborationWins!

George Carroll

George Carroll

Keynote Speaker, Top Selling Author, Consultant for Changemakers

Peri10k has allowed me to reach more people with my message and connect with many amazing people whom I wouldn't have connected with otherwise. The organization and empowerment that peri10k brings to the table makes it easy to stay engaged and participate!

Lucy Hall

Lucy Hall

Social Media Strategist and Founder of Social Day / Social Day Conference

I love #peri10k because the value the speakers provide is excellent, they draw from true experience. Each time I tune in I learn something new! The quality of the community within peri10k means that the engagement and participation is epic, when you speak or join in you feel part of something very special. Take note! Peri10k is a force for good!

Shirly Joy Weiss

Shirly Joy Weiss

Soul Purpose Activator / ShirlyJoyWeiss.com

​The people in #peri10k are so inspiring. I am really moved by the depth, wisdom and heart coming from this community. I am so glad I was led to you all.

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