90 day self-care plan

90 Day Self-Care Plan on Steroids for Mumpreneurs

Looking for a 90 Day Self-Care Plan on Steroids for Mumpreneurs?

Can you be in this moment with me now? Now that I have you attention, what is your intention in reading this article? Are you just doing because you know you should or you are really trying to make a change? How will what you are doing in this moment make that happen?

Now breath in that reality.

Before we get too far into the 90 day self-care plan this let’s define self-care and what do I mean by self-care plan on steroids for mumpreneurs.

I feel that it is an overused term. However, it best describes the plan to take care of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. We use this word so much that it has become meaningless so I will reframe here.

Our lives are a collection of choices in each moment. The moments when we are triggered by fears, frustrations, situations beyond our control and the actions of those closest to us.

We can give our energy to all that or focus on making choices that give you the outcome you seek. Take a good hard think on it and journal your top three desired outcomes for the next 90 days.

No, not concerning your business just the way you want to feel at the end of each day, week and month. Do you have stress reduction goals? Weight loss goals? Weight gain goals? Preparation for a 5k? Or just want to sleep at night?

How will your choices reflect your desired outcome today?

Start will this acronym: C.A.L.M.

Collect information – Know your seasons. When I say season, I don’t mean winter, spring, summer and fall. I mean we all go through different ‘seasons’ in our lives. For example, my seasons are Reflect, Renew, Replenish and Action – packed. In my reflect season, I journal more really looking at what works well, where I can improve and what needs to change. Maybe your seasons are Market Research, Implement, Launch, Follow-Up. Give the patterns of your life or business a name.

Act on it – Be intentional in each one in your 90 Day Self-Care Plan. In Market Research season, be sure to match your research to a product idea and make the collection of data seamless. This gives you less stress as the surveys go out, come back and in information deciphering. This is a season to implement a meditation practice, food preparation techniques, and find two times during your day that you can exercise. One time could be mid-day to energize with weights and the second to slow down with pilates or yoga as part of your bedtime routine. Close your day with sleeping earlier by half an hour each night until it is a reasonable hour that will allow you 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Linger – Take pause when it appears that external forces will take over your routine from the 90 Day Self-Care Plan. This could be a very simple fix. Sometimes nature has a way of telling us to stop and be one with the moment. Let’s say you have an article due in the morning and you are within an hour of bedtime and the baby wakes up. If you take pause, you also maybe having a writer’s block moment and need the cuddle time to refresh and reboot your muse.

Manifest – Stay mind, body and soul in line with your desired outcomes. So you had to take a cuddle pause, get back to it or if your muse is also on pause reconnect with it in the morning. Nothing like a good night’s rest to reboot. I know you might think, I will throw my spouse at the baby and hammer it out. And how has that been working for you? You may be blessed with a super compassionate and supportive partner and it works. Or even so, you may end up pushing your body past its limits and suffer later in the week and fall off on something else. Manifest your self-care goals by simply taking care of yourself.

Remember this:

  • If you have the opportunity to stay up too late to work, don’t!
  • If you have the opportunity to eat out everyday, choose wisely. You can call the shots in the business meal venue. It may even help you better connect or close the deal.
  • If you have the opportunity to sit all day, refuse to be inactive.
  • If you have the opportunity to date yourself, say yes!
  • Stick your 90 Day Self-Care Plan on your wall.

Here is the 90 Day Self-Care Plan recapped.

The first 30 days create your C.A.L.M. plan and take 3 minutes each day to try and implement.

The second 30 days review, refine and embrace change.

The last 30 days it should be second nature and flexible enough to allow for life’s hiccups.

Need some help getting started? Comment below and share your thoughts and we can sorted it out. If you are the more private type, connect with me at https://cordeliagaffar.com

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