Remembering 9-11 15 Year Anniversary

9-11 15 Year Anniversary – Make it a Day of Peace

My Story – 9-11 15 Year Anniversary

Today it’s 9-11 15 Year Anniversary. On that day 15 years ago, I was at work finalizing month end in my accounting department in Washington, DC. I remember when suddenly, there was a commotion in the break room.


People were calling relatives in New York and worried. However, it was not until the plane hit the Pentagon that things started getting really frightening. It was too close to home. Now people were checking on spouses, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers.


Speculation surrounding who the attackers were and why “they hate us” rose. My co-workers went from being concerned equally for me and mine to ostracizing me from the conversation and sizing me up.


Yes, I am a Muslim…but not by birth, tradition or heritage.

In fact, my great-grandfather came to this nation as a missionary from the Anglican Church and fundraiser for the American Colonial Society. He ended up settling down with my great-grandmother who was a teacher and missionary for the Episcopal Church in her own right. He fundraised to hire a ship for released Africans from Barbados. After that, he remained and founded churches and schools throughout the south to educate freed slaves. My maternal great-grandfather was a Cherokee. So am I American? Probably more so than most.


But in July 2001, I chose to become Muslim because after the death of my parents I had been on a spiritual journey and that was the truth I found.


I literally left work on Friday a Christian dressing like everyone else and returned on Monday in a hijab and abaya. That is how solid I was in my decision and faith.


My co-workers made snide remarks,” Did you become a nun?” or “Did you cut off your hair?”


I laughed and proudly professed, “No, I am a Muslim.” Over the course of the next few weeks, I educated them on what I believe and why I changed my dress, etc.  And then the Twin tower attacks happened, the response mismanaged by our government, and over the years, islamophobia has continued to grow and gain momentum. Now here we are in one of the most heated presidential elections post 9-11 15 Year Anniverary.


Divisiveness is at its peak, but all is not lost.

I propose that we have a cease disagreement for the month of September. It is 9-11 15 Anniversary. The United Nations voted in 2001 that the International Day of Peace be a permanent fixture on September 21st. The purpose of the International Day of Peace, is to have cease fires in war zones for a day.


This year 9-11 15 Year Anniversary falls on the Day of Arafah during the blessed month of Dhul-HIjjah.


Here is the spiritual significance of this day to Muslims. This is the place and the point of Hajj that represents the Day of Judgement and how all of humanity will stand before the Creator.


Remembering that day in 2001, all of humanity ached, cried, shook, held each other, prayed for each other, helped each other and mourned together. Why not use the day to remember how we were united that day? How we loved that day. How we saw the humanity of each other…not the differences. How we respected life.


All 7 billion of us are so unique and individual yet we all eat, sleep, dream, love and breathe.

Which is why, I do not find it coincidental that 9-11 15 Anniversary, at the height of xenophobia, racism, all sorts of human bigotry during a US presidential election year fall on the Day of Arafah. To me it is a clear sign that we need to unite as humanity.


Make the 9-11 15 Anniversary an opportunity to build a community, relationships and to stop division.


Today is the 9-11 15 Year Anniversary. Organize an activity for the International Day of Peace in your community.


Please share this message Find a way to make it a day of peace!

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