8 Periscope Communities: Which One?

Have you noticed all the hashtags online? Have you felt confused as to what they mean, what they do and how they work? Finding your tribe on Periscope is so crucial to your success on the platform because you need loyal viewers to share your scopes. being part of a group or #hashtag makes it easier to grow your following and your presence on Periscope. There are so many Periscope Communities out there but I wanted to bring your attention to a few of them TODAY.

In no particular order, here are  8 communities you should consider joining.


  • #Peri10k 

WHO: A close-knit membership community of Changemakers and Thought Leaders (coaches, trainers, speakers, authors etc). Peri10k’s Vision is to become the most inspirational community on Periscope and the ambition is to help all members reach 10k followers, hence the number 10 in the name.

WHAT: Peri10k does FREE Personal Development/Business Masterclass twice a day called ShareAThon™ where different speakers pass the broadcast to each other and talk about the same topic. Anyone can watch them.

JOIN: If you want to be a member and speak at the ShareAThon™ go to  www.Peri10k.com/Join to apply.

FOUNDER:  Katya Varbanova @LiveStreamKatya

Collage Members3

  • LiveStream Ninjas Mastermind

WHO: A supportive Facebook Group for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to learn how to use the power of live stream platforms.

WHAT: They have a Facebook Group where they share ideas about Periscope, Snapchat, Facebook live etc.

JOIN: http://www.livestreamincome.com/community

FOUNDER: Katya @LiveStreamKatya

Facebook eee1

  • Livestream Success [#WeKhan]

WHO: Periscope Success private group where Alex Khan shares his best tips and tricks about Periscope and live streaming.

WHAT: Collaboration, Periscope and live stream success and monetising strategies by the man himself. Also if used the hashtag and appeared on the tagboard website, Alex will often tweet about the tagboard or give you shoutouts during his scopes.

JOIN: Join the Facebook Group here – and add #WeKhan to your TITLE on Periscope and Share your broadcast on Twitter.

FOUNDER: Alex Khan @1AlexKhan

  • #PeriMarketPlace

WHO: The First Shopping Network on Periscope. If you  have a product or service to sell, this could be a group to join. There are currently 600 people in the Facebook Group.

WHAT:  Weekly training on how to sell on Peirscope, how to improve your broadcast and live webinars and parties.

JOIN: Search for the facebook group ‘Sell Products on Periscope’ or tweet @PeriMarketPlace

FOUNDER: Diane Bernard – @DianeBernard



  • #SoulFam

WHO: Anita Wing Lee’s community. Since she created #GlobalMeditationScope she has gathered a group of spiritual individuals, meditation guides and artist.

WHAT: They do #GlobalMeditationScope and support each other on Facebook.

JOIN:  It is a close knit group so tweet @AnitaWingLee and go to www.globalmeditationscope.com

FOUNDER: @AnitaWingLee  



  • #PeriGirls

WHO: Community for Women Supporting women on Periscope. They have 10k+ members

WHAT: They have a Facebook Group where they share tips, tricks, training and support. They blast each other’s scopes and replays with HEARTS. They also do Pass the Cast Twice a Day.

JOIN: www.PeriGirls.com

FOUNDER: Joanne Pham @GoRiceGirl


  • #LoveTribe

WHO:  A supportive community on Periscope where people heartbomb-the-hell out of each other, sometimes 5000 hearts each, and follow each other and give help to others.

WHAT: It as a Facebook group where lovetribe ninjas can post their replays, upcoming shows, they can give a lot hearts and expect a lot of hearts back.

JOIN: Go to www.PeriscopeLoveTribe.Com  


  • #BoPoTribe

WHO: A Body Positivity movement spreading the message of beauty around Globe.

WHAT: #PayBoPoForward – a social media challenge where they pass the help to 3 other scopers, and everyone pass the help to 3 other scopers etc. Every Friday they do a #PayBoPoForward Pass the Cast revolving around specific (body) positive themes, where different speakers share their views about the theme.

JOIN: www.BopoTribe.Com and/or use the hashtag to spread the message.

FOUNDER: Susie @BeautyWithPlus



Now the obvious question: How many Periscope Communities shall I join? Honestly, as many as you want. Just make sure you participate.

Even though I am the Mastermind behind #Peri10k and loyal to them, I am also involved with:

  • PeriGirls
  • PeriMarketPlace
  • LoveTribe
  • Periscope Success

Which Periscope communities are you part of? Let me know in the comments.

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