20 Things I would Tell my Younger Self – #18 and #20 are crucial!

As a 24-year old entrepreneur, I sometimes wonder what I would tell my younger self when I am 48. Fortunately, I am blessed to be surrounded by the Peri10k community of Changemakers on a daily basis. These members have gone through a lot of pain and triumphs. Some of them have gone through near-death experiences, homelessness, murders, hurricanes and they are now stronger than ever before. I am so grateful they are part of the Peri10k tribe and I feel privileged to share with you the 20 Things They Would Tell They Younger Self. Read carefully, especially #18 and #20.

  1. In life you don’t have to please everybody. In fact, you can’t please everybody! Some are going to like you, others won’t. And if everybody likes you, then you are really playing it small.
  2. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Perfect moments do not exist. Envision where you want to be in your life and take a small step towards that today. I look at my Shining Year Workbooks daily to remind myself of my goals and desires and then I take inspired action.
  3. You are 100% responsible for your decisions and the consequences. You cannot be forced into a decision, you can simply be convinced so be careful what you allow yourself to be persuaded in.
  4. Just because someone does things in one way, it does not mean there is only ONE WAY. Try many ways and do the one that works for  YOU.

  5. Life is not about collecting things. Life is about collecting experiences. What are you collecting?love-847318_640
  6. Choose to find the time and keep nurturing those important friendships. You will not make it to the top by yourself.

  7. Immerse yourself fully into things you LOVE doing, even if others tell you they are “lame” or “won’t pay the bills”. If you LOVE doing them, that’s enough. If that’s your thing, keep doing it or else you will regret not trying.

  8. Be the person who encourages others and celebrates their success and not the one who judges them. Offer your help and be helpful in any way that you can.
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  9. People need your story. It can change somebody’s life. Don’t keep it to yourself. It’s selfish.
  10. Keep learning and growing – invest time and money in yourself. If you don’t invest, you won’t grow. And remember this, more often  than not you get what you pay for.
  11. Have an opinion and state it. Be passionate about something and fight for it. Don’t be one of these people who never knows what they want or never share what they think because they are worried about offending others. Be respectful in the way you share but never hold back because of fear of judgment.
  12. It’s okay to take things slow. You are the one that directs your show. Give yourself permission to do so.
  13. If people around you don’t like your vibe, don’t change yourself. Change the tribe. Change your environment.
  14. Notice what brings you joy and aim to do more of that. Let go of stuff that weighs you down.
  15. You can be anything you want. Seriously, just because nobody hasn’t done it before, it doesn’t mean you won’t be the first to do it.
  16. Give more than you expect to receive. Give unconditionally. The more you give, the more you shall receive.
  17. Money isn’t everything. It helps you create a lifestyle you want but it won’t buy you fulfilment and meaning. Find a meaning first, the money will come after.
  18. Your tribe is out there waiting for you. Invest your time and energy in finding that sacred space where you feel truly at home. Sometimes your real home isn’t that place. Never give up until you find that community where you belong.
  19. Follow your heart more and let yourself make mistakes. Ask a lot of questions and learn from the people you meet along the way. Take more chances. Make more mistakes.
  20. Never worry about being good enough. Instead of wondering “Am I good enough for this person?” you should ask “Is this person good enough for me?”. Instead of worrying “Am I good enough for this job?”, you should ask “Is this job good for me?”. We all have insecurities as human beings and sometimes we just need to remind ourselves: We are enough just the way we are!

The Genius contributors of this posts were:

Stefanie Rennert
Amy Hackett Jones
Jai Garcia
Timbi Terrell
Cyndi Po

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This post is dedicated to all the Peri10k Members under 30 years old, including myself.  

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